Welcome to siskofoundation.org. The Sisko Foundation is based in Raleigh, NC run by 100% volunteers. We are a grass roots 501(c) (3) tax-exempt public charity that raises local funding and provides grants, educations and diagnostic support for local research institutions. We are the ONLY North Carolina grass roots Breast Cancer awareness foundation authorized to raise our own tax-exempt funding for local research organizations. It is our goal to educate everyone that breast cancer is a horrific disease that will affect over 211,000 women, their families and friends this year alone. Only breast cancer awareness, self examination and mammograms will help lower this number. Just by visiting our site, you have taken a great step forward in helping us spread the word and move that much closer to a cure.

At Sisko Foundation, we believe that a healthy life and survivorship both need to be celebrated. Everyday celebrate your life and the ones you care about.

We hope that this website provides the information you need and details the opportunities available to you. If you have any additional concerns, questions or suggestions please contact us directly.
Thanks for making a difference!