One morning, in the shower, a 41-year old woman reaches across her chest to find a lump in her breast. "This can't be happening to me, she thinks. There is no breast cancer in my family, and I am too young." Six houses down, on the same street, lives a 42-year old woman, who walks into her gynecologist's office for her yearly check-up, just before her youngest child's third birthday. When she walks out her life has been changed forever.

Two women in their early forties, living on the same street, receive a diagnosis of breast cancer a month apart.

Although they are neighbors, they do not really know each other. The first woman puts a note in the second woman's mailbox, and their shared experience creates a lasting bond. This is a true story.

It is the story of Michelle and Susan, and it has a happy ending. They walked through fire together. First mastectomy and reconstruction, then six months of chemotherapy followed by six weeks of radiation. Michelle went first.

When Michelle showed up at Susan's door she was already completely bald. As Michelle nonchalantly removed her hat, Susan and her kids stared. "Mommy," Susan's kids asked her, they were just beginning to comprehend that something was happening to Mommy, "is that going to happen to you?"

Soon Michelle's two small children and Susan's three small children became, like their mothers, fast friends. When the treatment finally ended, and the hair returned, Michelle told Susan of her dream to start a foundation to help find the cure for breast cancer. Susan, a corporate attorney, thought she could help make that happen.